ModularJS, my first impression on Angular2!

After a stint with AngularJS (version 1) in couple of projects, started exploring Angular2 and my immediate feeling is very positive. There were several reasons pushed the Angular team to build something completely new focusing on capabilities that enable developers to build scalable, high performant and cross platform applications as though AngularJS is powerful but lacks those important factors. Building modular application blocks is an essential aspect of any large-scale applications to increase the reusability, make easier to extend, test or replace specific blocks without affect other parts of the application.

Beside the initial learning curve to understand too many moving pieces of frameworks and concepts as the ecosystem is built around lot of other technologies, the first thing caught my attention was the way it promotes in fact enforces the modularity which is something AngularJS didn’t support naturally. The early adoption of TypeScript helped us to manage large size AngularJS applications lot better.

You can embrace and build modular application parts by leveraging the features of the following technologies and frameworks together. Let’s discuss briefly about how they fit together as depicted in the Lego blocks.

Angular2, is a modularjs
Angular2, is a modularjs

more to come..

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